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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. >> just a week after hurricane irene, rain is soaking the ground, which means trees could come down without warning. all this rain is making waterways moving extra fast. here you see rescue workers trying to rescue a man after
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waters rose too quickly. bob turk is live with a look at doppler radar. >> some areas getting moderate to heavy rain once again. most of it east and west of our local region and also south of us. the whole batch of there across portions of new england. eastern shore heavy rain, heavy rain out to the west. once again that batch just south of washington moving toward fredrick. we still have plenty of advisories in the region. we have flood warning now for kent, caroline, queen annes and montgomery county. also all on the patomic also under flood warnings but the patomic river might flood for the next three days or so. we've everyone added numbers to this, another inch has fallen since we stepped -t out.
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that means we're about 8.5- inches or so above normal. it's been extremely wet for the last 25 to 30 days. this soil is extremely saturated. denise. we'll have the tropics when we come back in a few minutes. coverage continues with megan mccorkel and the fears that trees will fall without warning. >> reporter: this is all that's left of a massive tree that came across this road earlier tonight. and we could see more of this before the week is over. with the damage from hurricane irene still all over the ground, another storm is already wreaking havoc taking out more trees in our area. >> i'm surprised it didn't break a windshield or hit a person in the head and knock them out. >> reporter: irene is calling everyone to try to get this tree branch cut before somebody gets hurt, several have already fallen. >> i called the fire
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department, the police department, 311, and nothing. >> reporter: just this afternoon baltimore police put out a warning for drivers about parking under trees like this. mildred harris found out the hard way. >> i looked at the tree and thought, the odds of it falling it's not going to happen. >> reporter: but minutes later it did. right on top of her car. >> i was just happy that nobody was hurt and that nobody was driving while it fell because that would have been dangerous. >> you have trees that are already not straight up but leaning. you have a soaked ground and you have the potential for winds coming along and just knocking those trees down. >> reporter: pge has kept crews out here for irene to help with this dangerous storm. but with dangerous leaning trees customers who just got the lights back on could soon be in the dark again.
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and bge officials say 10,000 people were blacked out just yesterday after the storm. thanks very much megan. stay with wjz for the latest on the storm, rain totals and the updated forecast any time log on to right now winds from the remnants of tropical storm lee are fanning the flames of a destructive wildfire in central texas. the fire east of austin has already killed two people. dozens of fires started over the weekend in texas. they've destroyed nearly 1,000 homes and 100,000 acres of land. more information guards men targeted four people are killed in a shooting spree inside a nevada i hop restaurant. the 32-year-old eduardo sencion opened fire on a table of guards men before turning the gun on himself. he died at the hospital. police are trying to find a motive. they aren't sure if he was
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targeting the military. sencion's family says he had mental issues. mary bubala has the congressman's crew said to find a killer. >> whoever the persons were who did this, believe me, believe me will do it again. >> reporter: the congressman traveled to the area where his nephew was killed. >> we knew about this person of interest, and it was a shame that the police took him a while to find them. we didn't know what had happened to him. that's why we were so pleased to hear that he had been found. >> reporter: cummings is concerned about the safety of others. >> christopher is dead.
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he's gone. and so i'm not here for him, i'm here for these other odu students. >> it's good that he came back, send a message to other people and students. >> reporter: congressman cummings said he never felt safe of where he lived because of crime near his house. >> i'm begging you, if you know what happened in this case or know anything about it to come before the police and tell them what you know. >> reporter: police have issued a search warrant for the home of the 20-year-old man named as a person of interest but no arrests yet in the case. mary bubala, wjz eyewitness news. family members say that cummings dreamed of becoming a politician like his uncle. police make an arrest in the case of a public works
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attorney. terrance fitzhugh is charged with the killing of the public works employee. fitzhugh followed him and shot him in his car. under fire with the nation waiting to hear president obama unveil his jobs package tomorrow night. thursday night that is, republican presidential candidate mitt romney says the president isn't qualified. >> he never worked in the private-sector, never having a real job. it's not a surprise he doesn't know how to create a real job. >> reporter: a new political poll shows 57% of americans believe the u.s. is headed for another economic downturn and it will affect their families. the president will present his jobs plan in a televised speech thursday night.
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it is said to cut taxes and create jobs through construction projects. the ends of mail as we know it. with the u.s. postal service dangerously close to the fall, the postmaster makes a plea to congress. kai jackson has the cuts that could be on their way to a postoffice near you, kai. >> this postal service crisis has people around the country wondering what their local postal service will look like. >> reporter: on the brink of default. those dire words tuesday from the postmaster general about the u.s. postal service. patrick donohogh says that his agency will default unless congress steps in to help. >> without the enactment of comprehensive legislation by september 30th. the postal service will default on a mandated $5.5 billion payment to the treasury, a prefund for retirement benefits. >> reporter: they blame a weak economy and a surge in e-mail
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is at the cause of the dilemma. the postal service says even if it does default there will be no interruption in the mail, payroll or payments to suppliers. but given the rise in costs and dwindling services, customers may not be as optimistic. >> stop making cuts on the backs of people that can least afford the cuts being made. >> reporter: to stay afloat, the postal service wants to drop saturday delivery all together and close 3,700 postoffices across the country. >> based on current revenue, the postal service must reduce costs by $12.5 billion by the year 2015 to return to financial stability. eight postoffices in baltimore in jeopardy of
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closing. vic. kai, thank you. the postmaster told congress that 10% of americans now pay their bills online reducing the need for the postal service. they will decide how to measure student achievement in the nation's public schools. and coming up, a 43-carat diamond being sold by a maryland company. why it was seized by the fbi and how much it's going for. >> don't move her, don't move her. >> somebody just tried to jump on the train and severed her leg. the 911 tapes from a gruesome train accident. how a college student got too close. and baltimore is getting national attention, not for how they played but how they looked
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doing it. when will they finally dry out? i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete warning weather forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 63 degrees with scattered rain in central maryland right now. the complete forewarning weather is coming up.
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a shark attack closes beaches on awahu's west shore. a man was suddenly flipped out of his paddle boat. when he looked down he saw an eight to 10-foot shark. the shark tossed him around but only left damage to his board. a 17-year-old colorado girl tries to catch a train, misses and falls under the wheels. both her legs are severed and she's only alive because two women who jumped in to help. here's the 911 car. >> don't move her. don't move her. >> 911, what's the address of your emergency. >> i'm at third avenue, someone just tried to jump on the train and severed her leg. >> one woman was an emt the other a nurse. they were waiting in traffic when they saw the accident. the girl is in serious condition tonight. the search continues tonight for ousted libyan dictator gadhafi. gadhafi is on the run hideing in a different place every
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night and not using a cell phone. libyans say they won't feel safe until gadhafi is captured or kills. rebels are trying to make a deal with gadhafi to surrender the libya peacefully. a racial milestone, for the first time ever in mississippi, a hate crime law is being applied in the brutal murder of a black man. 48-year-old james craig anderson was ran over and killed by a truck in jackson. police say 19-year-old daryl dedmon and his friend were driving around looking for a quote, a black man to mess with. anderson's family has filed a civil suit against the teens. today the 43.5-carat diamond was put up for auction on the internet by the u.s. marshal's office. the bidding ends in two days
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and has already topped $1.5 million. nasa releases new images of the trash and tracks left by apollo on the moon. scientists say the photos taken 50 miles above the moon surface, is close enough to see the astronaut's path in visits from 1969 to 1972. photos show rut left by a moon buggy. terps football fans are talking about one thing tonight and it's not last night's close win against miami. it is the team's new uniforms. >> reporter: drenched in red, black and gold. the team opened their season in stunning uniforms monday night and now this. >> maryland made quite a splash last night playing miami. >> reporter: it's happening across the country, airways on
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wjz's 105.7 the fan. >> when they first rolled out, i said what the heck is that. >> a patch on the shoulder, a patch on the shoulder. >> reporter: comments about the unmistakingly get up made the usa today home page. on the facebook page we got more than 100 mixed comments like who agreed to it. how many are getting fired for it. fine if you don't mind looking like clowns. >> they're honestly the coolest uniforms ever. >> reporter: many students are talking from the past and the present. >> a lot of people shocked but they don't like it. they looked good out there. >> reporter: right now there's no plans to have the team roll out in the uniforms again.
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we'll just have to see if that changes. one of the pieces in that uniform are part of the huge collection with 32 possible combinations all designed by baltimore based underarmoured. >> they should have one suitcase with all the possibilities. >> there you go. rain showers around the region. they've moved off but there's one little batch that's still down across virginia that's moving almost due north. west of washington. fredricks, hagerstown area. most of the activity has moved off to the north and northeast of us. we're still in the line for more showers and even heavy downpours. maybe overnight tonight again tomorrow afternoon. temperature wise we're at 63, hasn't moved any where. north-north winds at eight.
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the brohm center holding steady, 2.98-inches. 71 much warmer humidity down near a high. there's a very good risk especially in southern virginia. a thunderstorms activity tonight and tomorrow. that warmer air is going to move across our region tomorrow. we've been in this cool northeast mode. tomorrow the winds go back in the southeast. that's actually going to warm us up. we may get up to 80. that is going to kick up more showers and thunderstorms activity. when we get the rain it should be locally headed. right now we have a northeast wind here, ocean city already shifting to the southeast. and looks like they have warmer air will be headed in that general direction. the low pressure that was lee is actually just sitting over portions of kentucky. it's what we call a local level system. it's driving in moisture into the gulf of mexico. it's this flow out of the gulf that brings up this tropical
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moisture. that's why the bulk of the rain actually today is heading into the north. most areas many maryland picked up one, to two, to three inches. katia still a category 2. but it's going to be weakening as it get spwaos the colder waters -- gets into the colder waters here. then it's way off to the north- northeast that's good news. in fact, all the models show it clearing out. now all these areas here on the east coast are going to have rough surf. yes for sure the next few days. very, very dangerous conditions. tropical depressions, 14 had some change but it's headed to the west-northwest. it doesn't become a hurricane until it gets way out. but that's not until really the latter part of the weekend. for the time being it's just traveling quickly out there. that's katia by the way. this system here that's a tropical depression and it
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could become a tropical storm, if it's named it'll be maria. that low pressure that was tropical pressure dragging that warm air into the region. so risk of more scattered showers and thunderstorms activity actually. southeast winds at 10 to 15 tonight. still a risk of more showers, maybe a thunderstorm. particularly west of us with heavy downpours. 61, 80 degrees tomorrow. back up in the soup again with more thunderstorms activity. same thing for thursday. not as bad on friday, saturday or sunday. maybe a brief shower by sunday night. temperatures back up in the low 80s, denise. coming up, counting down to [ waves crashing ] [ whistling ] ♪
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all right this is grrr week. mark is here with our sports report. >> the weather got cool. it's time to turn up the heat.
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here it comes from the start of training camp. the ravens have said they're focused on the orioles. the ravens continue to change their roster. most recently they added a new center andre garrad incase matt burke can't play. for the ravens there's no bigger opponent than pittsburgh. the last of the play off wins in january. pittsburgh has dominated the series and the sere reu social series is one of the most feared. >> you can throw the records out. it's going to be a physical game. almost has a college feel thatit's that instate rival that you really hate. >> we've played them plenty of times. it's not like we don't know them, they don't know us, it comes to who's going to make the plays to win the game. >> matt burke hopes to be available as he continues his recovery from knee surgery. i'll be there for the work out
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and wjz brings you the game on sunday. ravens steelers here in baltimore. if you don't have a ticket, pull up a seat, we'll bring it to your tv at 1:00. jarard is let go after years. manager buck showalter is senting mathis to the bullpen after another disastrous start against the yankees. it is the city that never sleeps. they played in washington, d.c. and the nats steven straussburg makes his way back to the mound
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a year after he had his shoulder rebuilt. his fast ball reaching 99 miles per hour. l.a. rallied to win after he left. 7-3 dodgers but an impressive return for strausberg. that's what the orioles talk about, good young pitchers.
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a sound display in the philippines, a giant saltwater crocodile weighs over 200 pounds. dozens of villagers had been
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behind the crock for weeks. wildlife officials say it is
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